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Welcome to the New Paradigm

in Patient Pre-Op Experience

  • JointVue™ provides surgeons an opportunity to improve patient satisfaction with in-office, radiation free imaging to create knee replacement surgery plans in minutes.
  • JointVue™ combines standard ultrasound technology with intelligent, proprietary software to create accurate 3D bone models which can be used to create personalized surgical plans for each patient.

A New Experience

Preparing for knee replacement surgery begins weeks before the scheduled surgery and can be stressful for patients. Traditional methods to create a surgical plan may require several trips to an imaging center and exposure to unnecessary radiation.

Imagine it. Your patient walks through your clinic door and is escorted into your ultrasound room. After only a few minutes, they emerge with a 3D model of their knee ready to evaluate during your initial consultation. No waiting for MRI or CT scans to come back.

All the pre-op planning done with your patient’s participation. Your patient goes home with everything they need to prepare for a successful surgery. Now, that’s new.

JointVue™ is Aligned to the Growing Robotic Assisted Surgery Market.

In 2022, over 14% of total knee procedures in the U.S. were performed with a robot.* Robot assisted knee procedures are expected to grow at a 17 CAGR over the next three years.** To create a personalized robot assisted surgical plan, you need an accurate 3D bone model.

JointVue™ with its patented OrthoSonic™ 3D Surgery Planning technology is THE ONLY FDA CLEARED ultrasound device currently on the market to deliver 3D preoperative planning during your initial patient exam. This is the game changer you’ve been waiting for.

Source: *2023 AJRR Annual Report **SmartTrak

The Right Implant at the Right Time.

It is projected that nearly half of all knee and hip procedures will be performed in the ASC by 2026 (1). OrthoSonic™ 3D Surgery Planning allows the surgeon to create a personalized surgical plan and know exactly what implant and instruments are required prior to surgery.

When shared with the implant manufacturer, just-in-time availability of instruments and implants is achievable, conserving space, reducing OR time and sterilization costs.


References: (1) Bourne, Robert B et al. “Patient satisfaction after total knee arthroplasty: who is satisfied and who is not?.” Clinical orthopaedics and related research vol. 468,1 (2010): 57-63. doi:10.1007/s11999-009-1119-9


OrthoSonic™ 3D Surgery Planning demonstrates a high level of precision, ensuring accuracy in bone resection.

OrthoSonic™ 3D Surgery Planning works with the surgeon to size and adjust specific implants.

Orthosonic™ 3D Surgery Planning shows the amount of bone loss and previews the box cut.

Differentiate Your Practice

JointVue™ provides surgeons with the opportunity to create personalized surgery plans for each patient using radiation free imaging. The surgical plans can be combined with robotic-assisted procedures to further enhance the patient experience or can be used for traditional procedures, which can save valuable OR time.

A Versatile Diagnostic & Imaging Tool

No room for more equipment or specialized equipment that only performs one function? No problem. JointVue™ is a standard ultrasound and can be used for standard ultrasound procedures.

”This is something we can do in the office…and do it without claustrophobia, extra expenses, and scheduling another appointment.” 

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